Team Foundation Server 2012 Update #2 installation

I decided to upgrade our production instance of Team Foundation Server 2012 with Update #2 fairly fast after its release since we are starting a new sprint on monday and we have been waiting for some of the new features.

I had done some research beforehand, and Update #1 installation went without any problems whatsoever so I felt fairly confident that it would be quite easy this time around as well. Ofcourse I checked if all my automatic back-ups had run, and that was the case.

I started the installation and file copied fine, but thenĀ I started the upgrade wizard and was greeted by the message described in the following connect bug report:

Luckily I had my documentation in order and could use the work around no problem. But no “Next, next, next” installation as promised. Also this bug was reportedĀ in CTP #4 and didn’t get fixed for the RTM…. BAD MICROSOFT

So before you upgrade, make sure you write down the settings you need for the upgrade procedure:

– SQL server name
– Analysis server name
– Reporting server name
– Reporting server accounts

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