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Sharepoint Foundation: Event ID 5586 – Unknown SQL Exception 2812 occurred.

So i’m back from a 4 week vacation only to find out TFS and sharepoint were still running fine. Well, except for the error message from the title appearing in my event logs. I think it was always there, I just never got around to fixing it until now.

The full error message is a bit to verbose to dump here (lots of TSQL logging). But the full message is as follows:

Unknown SQL Exception 2812 occurred. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below. Could not find stored procedure ‘proc_UpdateStatisticsNVP’.

Apparently a Sharepoint Foundation update failed to add this stored procedure to all databases. After reading this post. I figured I just turn off usage and health data collection, however that did not stop the events from being logged every night.

So I decided to continue with the fix described in the following article (which is also quoted in the previous one). Fair warning though; you should probably not fiddle with the Sharepoint databases in this manner (Microsoft is probably less eager to help you fix problems caused by fiddling) unless you know what you are doing (or don’t care if it fails horribly I guess).