Microsoft Edge not starting after Windows 10 update (v1511)

I recently updated my work machine to the latest Windows 10 update (1511). After the update was finished I noticed that I couldn’t start Microsoft Edge anymore. I didn’t think much of it at the time since it is not my main browser. However it started to annoy me a bit when it turned out it was my main PDF reader.

Rather than setting another app as the default PDF reader I decided to try and fix the cause of the problem. This turned out the be harder than expected though. I don’t know why the problem reared its head after the latest update, but suffice to say after a reinstall Edge worked but then after configuring my PC it didn’t anymore.

Reinstalling again then checking after each step revealed that things went wrong after connecting my work account with my PC. And with Work account I don’t mean my domain account, but rather my Office 365 Organizational account (that you can connect using the Accounts settings page in Windows 10).

Things, however, did not return to normal after I had severed the connection. And I had to remove my profile and recreate it to ensure Edge worked again. If you are using a roaming profile this might not work for you, and also do not take removing your profile lightly. It is holds more of your settings and configuration than you might realize.

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