The case of the hanging Visual Studio 2013

Today was a frustrating day where my Visual Studio went into a hang (endless loop of some kind) whenever I tried to debug a web application. I have yet to determine what caused it but I fixed it by running the following command from a developer command prompt:

devenv.exe /ResetSettings

After this I could debug my web projects again. More info on the command and other command line switches for the devenv executable can be found on this MSDN page.

5 thoughts on “The case of the hanging Visual Studio 2013

  1. Mikhail

    The same solution worked for me in VS2012. IDE kept freezing, when I tried to run debugging via F5.

    I’m using CMAKE to create the solution and my workspace is marked as local – studio has to collect all the info about the out-of-date projects “manually”. As I see now, the studio froze while doing this. I don’t really understand, what did cause this problem, but now it’s gone ).


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